Joyce Wilson

Joyce Wilson – Executive Director

Joyce Wilson has lived in Southern Oregon for over 30 years. She and her husband, Kelly, share six children and seven grandchildren. They are blessed to have two daughters, Amy who is 26 and Ariel who is 23, who both experience Down syndrome.

23 years ago, when Ariel was born, Joyce made the decision to join the board of the Down Syndrome Association of Southern Oregon (DSASO). She served as a board member from 1998-2004. In 2004, Joyce moved from board member to Reading Specialist, where she and Deb Evans, along with the support of the DSASO board, created an online program called “Reading About Me! (RAM).

Over the years, Joyce has provided IEP Support, set up a bi-weekly book club, and provided trainings to parents, schools, community partners, and physicians. Most recently, she designed a unique Peer-to-Peer Mentor program, which is being implemented in over twenty schools in the Rogue Valley.

In 2017, Joyce took a sabbatical from her position to focus full time on her growing family. With a continued tugging at her heart, she made the decision to dedicate her free time volunteering for the organization and training the organization’s upcoming Executive Director, Caitlyn Abshire. She is excited to have somebody precede her that has a passion and love for Inclusion like she does. Joyce’s passion has been, and will always be to advocate that all individuals get an opportunity to live in a community of acceptance where inclusion isn’t a practice, but rather just the “norm”.