Linda Detweiler

Linda Detweiler – Advisory Board Member

Linda Detweiler is currently the Director of Project UP, a performing arts program located in Southern Oregon. She has a Master’s Degree in education. As a parent, Linda believes whole heartedly that inclusion helps make the community stronger, more well-balanced, happier, and much more complete for everyone. She believes that the world is a subset of many differences and only when we are working together is the puzzle complete.

Outside of work, Linda loves to get her hands dirty while making the dirt bloom. She is a married mom of three boys and one girl. She has two handsome grandsons. Watching the process of her youngest, and only girl, Zahra, participate in rehearsals and perform as a paid actor in the 2019 season of Hairspray at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has changed her life. She was both accepted and appreciated by the cast and audience, which strengthened her belief that we are simply people on this Earth all playing a part to be included.

Linda has fought for inclusion for Zahra from the time she was born. Zahra was born with Down syndrome, but that is simply a part of her genetics. This disability does not define her. Zahra is incredible. She has her own personality, characteristics, skills, abilities, and desires as a person. She deserves a chance to live out her dreams in the same way that you or I can. The only true limitations are those of the labels we give one another. Inclusion will be a goal she has set for the community to continue strengthening.